Monday, November 9, 2009


I have been thinking for a while, what to write?! but had been unable to come up with anything so far. Obviously I do have opinions and perspectives along with the ability to translate them into words. However, as I discovered after creating this blog that what we have in mind often contradicts our own thoughts. We advocate one thing on certain presumptions we hold true and hold them to be untrue a moment later. Thus with all my thoughts and ideas confused, I laid back on the chair, took a deep breath and put myself in a writer's shoes. How does a book begin? and thus this post, I shall begin my posts with a preface. I know the technicality is that the writer begins his own words with a prologue and prefaces are to be written by eminent scholarly people, but since William's(you call him Shakespeare) dead, there is no one worthy enough to write one for me.

So this blog is dedicated to current affairs, of this beloved nation, which are normally in a sorry state. As it is I think there is more hope than ever before, all we have to be is, be patient. Cliches such as night is darkest before the sunrise and a bridge wobbles hardest before you get off, are cliches for a reason.

My views are democratic and secular and my posts shall reflect the same. That is the only way for any nation to progress! Writing on current affairs, I'm bound to have political leanings, in my case you'll find them to be tilted towards Pakistan Peoples Party. Though this might just repulse many not revisit my blog, I assure you that it's out of reason and not rhetoric.

Until later..


  1. 'Since shakespeare's dead there is no one worthy enough to write one for me'?? hmmmm a modest start to a preface. =P

  2. have just been going through your posts, and you write, and think quite well. of course there are biases, but at least you admit to them

    but had william been alive today, he would have been saddened that bright young minds like yourself shed their considerable writing skills, their great intellect, on pakistani politics, or as you put it, current affairs. its not like theres a shortage of political blogs out there. i understand the desire to be substantial, and i don't advocate ignoring politics altogether.

    but we shouldnt be in a state where we wait hours to hear what the judges latest verdit is, or who got caught where, or who is screaming what at whom. we should have our own entertainment, dealing with our lives and hopes and dreams. we shouldn't have just the news to whet our appetite for escapism, entertainment, and even art. but that said, you do write well, and i hope to read more of you